Friday, December 25, 2009

We have new consumer to serve

Wow....after a long time smile on people's faces encouraged me to write this blog. Job data is looking positive, hikes are re-installed and more over stock traders are making some good money. Though a small jolt hit the markets in the form of Dubai crisis, the insulation of many firms from the investment in building Dubai didn't affect much. Those who got affected from this are still lurking in the market. Now it seems the power to swing the economy is shifted from west to east. China has a major portion in this, followed by India and then Russia.
As i did look back at the consumer market, it's not the west that is dominating. Now, the major exporter in the world (China) has turned into significant consumer without reducing it's production business. Now small is big for many firms. Take an example of auto industry, how many Ferrari's will be sold in a year ? compared to large small car consumer market in Asia, the revenue earned by selling small car will be much more. Many auto industry giants are capturing the market by releasing newer small cars. At the same time, the expensive car market has picked up very well in Asia. BMW and Mercedes are competing each other in India, Audi joined the race followed by Jaguar which has an Indian owner now. Most in west are saving their money in banks instead of putting it in stock market and in east the stock market penetration is increasing day by day as people investing in stocks from which they had freezed till years in their bank accounts.
Aftermath of the crisis, we can conclude that we have a new costumer to serve. The shift of consumer market. Hope this new consumer will never cause another crisis. I love crisis as it teaches how to survive in tough times but unlike me most people hate it. Asian market will never cause mortgage crisis that's for sure and let's carefully watch other things that might cause the havoc. So stay awake !!!!

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

SkyDrive- Competitor to upcoming G-drive

Microsoft always wants to occupy the market before it's competitors do. This is the reason behind the huge success of Microsoft. It plans the TTM (Time to Market) so precisely that it will always be ahead of others. The latest news among the netizens is SkyDrive.

I have heard so many people talking about Google's G-drive concept which is appreciated world wide. But here comes a big surprise from Microsoft. Today when i opened my hotmail account i saw an ad displaying a text saying 25GB with an icon looking more similar like a USB drive. I wanted to buy an USB drive so i clicked on it curiously. It took me to the page displaying the folders. I was really surprised by this move of Microsoft to capture the market and online community earlier than Google. I wanted to buy and Hard disk for my computer to dump more data on it but when i saw SkyDrive today it brought a smile on my face. 

Here are a few things you’ll find on your shiny new SkyDrive: 25 GB of free online storage Available in 6 more regions and 13 more languages Download entire folders as Zip files(limited release)Gorgeous online slide show for your photos


Arrange your photos:

Now you can arrange the photos in your albums in the order you want them to appear by clickingSort by, and selecting Arrange photos. If you have Silverlight, you can arrange your photos by simply dragging them into the order you want. You can also sort your photos and files by name, size, date, or type. Now you can arrange the photos in your albums and slide shows and tell stories the way you want to tell them!

As you already know, you can keep your favorites in sync between computers using SkyDrive and the Windows Live Toolbar. Now, the next time you visit your favorites on Windows Live, your existing favorites will automatically move to SkyDrive. You can check it out here:

You can sign up here:


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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ride the Tide

"You only find out who is swimming naked when the tide goes out" as said by Warren Buffet, we have so far seen who's been swimming naked. 

Millions of people lost the job due to recession and now we are seeing some improvements in global markets. The major question infront of us today is that 'How long will this tide lasts ?'. Many experts say that we have not reached the bottom of ocean and this tide may end any moment but remember one thing, on trusting these Wall street experts only your company invested in Mutual funds and other equity options and ended bankrupt or firing people from jobs. One thing i don't like about these Wall street experts is that they always engaged in making a rich guy more richer. They don't care about others who are not 'Rich'. For example, Apple instead of sacking 1600 jobs they would have retained the jobs and earned the people's respect and loyalty. But these Wall street experts doesn't allow your company to lose the money by helping people in tough times by keeping them in their jobs. So never listen to these so called 'Experts comments'. 
I ask you one question 'How long will you cry ?'. You may say a day or two, a week , a month or an year after that you are fed up with crying and you want to laugh. This is the current situation now, nobody wants to bear the worse situation they have faced so far anymore. People are engaged in setting the situation right with the aid of people's president in action. People started investing again which is resulting in increase of liquidity in market. Many small investors are riding the 'Feel Good' tide and making marginal profits. This tide will last long if you can make your own decision and invest in market in which you believe that will bring some security to your livelihood. Also, it's better to be deff in stock market becuse you will not listen to anyone especially the so called 'Wall street stock experts' and you will bid the right price and that will keep the tide at optimum level so that it won't get dried up soon neither it will cause tsunami. 

Happy investing and tell me if you made any profit. I will be the last person to share your joy.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

Get trains details through G-talk (What an Idea Sir Ji)

Add the below given Gmail id in your G-talk to get the details of Indian railways train.

Suppose you want to travel from Bangalore to Davangere on 11th, March in Sleeper class, then tell your journey details like this:
Bangalore Davangere Mar 11 SL

Here is my query which got solved within seconds.
navaneeth: Bangalore Davangere Apr 30 SL

cleartrip.trains: Searching for trains between Bangalore and DAVANGERE on 30 Apr class SL
2629 - Sampark kranti Rs. 193, @ 13:30 [ ]
6589 - Rani chennamma Rs. 176, @ 21:15 [ ]
583 - Hubli passr Rs. 115, @ 22:00 [Available 255]
6210 - Ajmer express Rs. 176, @ 21:50 [ ]

To check availability say 'avail' followed by train number.
To book say 'book' followed by train number and passenger details.
Ex. 'book 2925 adult 1 child 1 senior female 1'


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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Get your Free Gmail Stickers from Google for quick navigation

Gmail has gone old school by introducing a new set of stickers which you can paste on your desk or keyboard to learn the shortcuts. These keyboard shortcut would be highly helpful to quickly navigate and work through Gmail.

These stickers can act as a tool to help your learn Gmail’s shortcuts. The adhesive is a bit more removable than standard stickiness, so you can take them off once you’ve trained your fingers. To get these stickers:

Just send a self-addressed stamped envelope (along with a note if you’re so inclined) to:

Send me some Gmail stickers already
P.O. Box 391420
Mountain View, CA 94039-1420

Make sure to include enough postage to return a sticker pack via U.S. mail. It’s less than one ounce, so a standard $0.42 stamp will do if you’re in the United States; enclose an international reply coupon (IRC) if you’re outside of the U.S. And be sure to send your envelope in soon.

But if you do not have enough time or money or resource to get these stickers, I have two ideas for you. Gmail Blog has provided a wallpaper image of the shortcuts an stickers.

You can:

1.) Set it as your desktop background to learn them
2.) Get their hard copy(printout) and use them.

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Faith in Gold - Another big mistake

Inflation hit first, followed by recession, banks gone bankrupt, economic turmoil occurred and it seems that we haven't learn from the mistakes that made by the big 5 of United States. These banks lend loans like anything, thinking that the Real Estate price will reach beyond sky and they can make hefty profits. But the result was fatal. Similarly now is the time the banks are trusting more in Gold and offering loans on the same. Here is the graph that depicts the Gold prices in rupees last month.

Gold is always considered as safe futuristic investment but now banks are greedy to make profit and they are following the path of big 5 of United states. If it continues then at this economic condition then there will be less buyers of Gold as no liquidity can be seen in markets and markets at all time low and people instead of investing in Gold, they will keep the money for their livelihood. Henceforth Gold price will fall further. If you have sufficient money so that you can forget your investment for next few years then you can emerge as a millionaire, initiating investing in Gold now in few thousands.

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